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Guest e-cards is just $49 per year.

We will design 5 cards for you, using graphics and images from your website. If you have specific images you want to use, please identify which images*, or email them to If images are too small or there are other problems, we will advise you before doing any work.

Here is how to order:


We will add the E-card widget to your website for free or send instructions to your web designer. The installation is efforless, there is no back-end administration or software to install, just a logo and link. We wlll provide you with a thumbnail card as well. To ensure that the e-cards are accepted and received, and because of spam rules and privacy considerations, we do not ask recipients to log in or join a mailing list to receive the cards, and we do not provide the email addresses of those receiving the e-cards.

* Guest E-Cards presumes that you have the rights to images that appear on your website or those you submit, and cannot be held responsible for any rights or royalty violations involved with such images. You agree to hold Guest E-Cards harmless against any royalty or rights claims regarding any images used from your website or submitted by you.